About Good Environmental Choice

Good Environmental Choice is an independent eco-label with tough environmental requirements that is constantly evolving. Our label makes it easier to find the products and services that are least harmful to the environment.

Society needs conscious consumers to protect endangered animals, plants and habitats. That’s why we launched our ecolabel in 1990. Good Environmental Choice is the only label in Sweden run by an environmental organisation. Today, we label products and services in 12 different business areas.

We strive for a sustainable society

Our ecolabel is based on two fundamental ideas: that natural resources must be saved and that biodiversity and human health must not be threatened. This means, among other things, stopping the use of all toxic and persistent chemicals. Two other goals are to reduce total energy use and to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

Many successes thanks to Good Environmental Choice

Products and services that are labelled with Good Environmental Choice save nature. Some of the successes from our labelling include the protection of natural water flows and environmental adaptations to hydro power plants. Another good result is that the environmentally hazardous surfactant LAS has practically disappeared from Swedish laundry detergents, which makes them unique in the world.

The requirements are tough and gradually become tougher

Our criteria for licensees are tough and constantly evolving. The products and services that carry our label must therefore be continually developed in order to be more environmentally friendly. The criteria for the different labelling areas differ from each other. Read more about our work in each labelling area on their own pages here on the website.

Close monitoring of licensees

When a company applies for a licence, our case officers examine whether the product/service meets the criteria, and then decide whether they can be labelled. To ensure that the product/service meets the requirements, we carry out document checks every year. In addition, random samples are taken from time to time.

Good Environmental Choice is a third-party label

A third-party label is not linked to either the seller or the buyer. Since the label is independent, requirements and rules are not adapted to particular companies or products. The label is based on the best environmental standards and the requirements placed on the products are strict and transparent.

Companies that want to ecolabel a product or service

Companies can ecolabel products or services within the 12 areas in which Good Environmental Choice operates. The application process goes through a number of steps including application documents, processing and approval. Thereafter, annual checks are carried out to ensure that the licensee is maintaining compliance with the labelling criteria. The criteria are continually revised to push forward development and generate additional benefits for the environment. 

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