Apply for a Good Environmental Choice licence

Is your company looking to become a Good Environmental Choice license holder and ecolabel a product or service? Good Environmental Choice is an environmental label that is recognised by most of the people in Sweden. Below are the steps that will take you from application to completed licence. We will, of course, be there to guide you along the way.

The Good Environmental Choice ecolabel is available in twelve specific labelling areas that cover a wide range of products and services. Before submitting an application, read the environmental requirements for the product or service to be labelled. The environmental requirements and application documents can be found under the respective labelling areas. You will also find the contact details of advisers who will help you along the way.

1. Read our criteria

Each product area has its own page with the associated criteria documents. Download the criteria for the labelling area in which you wish to apply for a Good Environmental Choice licence. Assess whether your product or service meets the environmental requirements. For some areas there are also other documents, such as practice documents or guides, that you need to consult before applying.

2. Application

Download the application form and read the licence terms. Complete and submit the application, along with any attachments and supporting documentation. (The application form is a fillable PDF. Acrobat Reader 7 or later is needed to save the PDF.)

3. Assessment

We assess the information you have submitted and may ask for additions or adjustments to the product or service to which the application relates.

4. Approved

If the environmental requirements for the product or service are fulfilled, a Good Environmental Choice licence will be issued and sent to your company. Now your company can start to market your product or service as Good Environmental Choice certified.

5. Validity

The Good Environmental Choice licence is valid until further notice, and until new criteria are drawn up. The criteria are regularly revised to drive forward development and create additional environmental benefits.  

6. Regular checks

Regular checks are carried out, adapted to each individual product area.

Fees for Good Environmental Choice

Ecolabelling requires resources to assess the application, carry out checks and develop new environmental requirements. For this reason, Good Environmental Choice charges an application fee once the application has been submitted and then an annual licence fee for using the Good Environmental Choice label.

Our labeling areas

Check that there are environmental requirements for the product or service to be labeled and contact us. Here you can see criteria, applications and fees within our various labeling areas.

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