Fees for Good Environmental Choice Electricity

The license fees for electricity labelled with Good Environmental Choice consist of different parts. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The license fees are regulated in the Special License Terms and are invoiced at the beginning of the calender year with a forecast volume. Every autumn, an adjustment invoice is sent based on the financial year´s outcome of sold electricity volume, and a fund allocation.

  • Application (one-time fee) SEK 10,000
  • Annual fixed license fee SEK 5,000
  • Annual variable license fee SEK 600 per sold GWh

Additional environmental benefits according to the criteria are achieved through fund provisions in arrears as follows:

  • 500 SEK per GWh sold ecolabelled electricity, regardless renewable origin, always goes to the Energy Fund.
  • 1000 SEK extra per GWh sold ecolabelled biofuelbased electricity goes to the recently established Forest Fund.

Ecolabelled hydro power means fund provisions to the Environmental Fund, and the fee depends on which environmental requirements the hydro power plant achieves.

If all the new environmental requirements are achieved at the hydro power plant, the fund provision is 500 SEK per GWh to the Energy Fund.

At most the fund provision can be 6000 SEK per GWh ecolabelled hydropowerbased electricity, which are divided between the Environmental Fund and the Energy Fund.

Lower fees for sales exclusively to other licensees 

Licensees who do not sell electricity to end-users, but rather to other licensees, are exempt from the variable licence fee and fund allocation. It is the “last in line” licensee that ecolabels renewable electricity by paying a variable licence fee as well as a fund allocation. This is regulated in clause 4.4 of the Special Licence Terms and Conditions. 

In this case, the Producer will only be invoiced the basic fee of SEK 5,000/year at the beginning of each calendar year. 

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