Good Environmental Choice ensures that newly produced clothes and textiles are manufactured in a sustainable way. We also ecolabel second-hand and re-designed products.

The labelling area Good Environmental Choice Textile will terminate on December 31, 2022. Hence it is no longer possible to apply for a license

Producing new clothes and textiles has an environmental impact and requires large amounts of raw materials, energy, water and chemicals. It is therefore important to manufacture new textiles with as little impact on the environment and human health as possible. A Good Environmental Choice labelled product has been reviewed to confirm that its manufacturing is sustainable and labelled products meet tough requirements along the entire chain.

Fibre and Finishing

Newly manufactured products fall into the Fibre and Finishing category and meet requirements from raw material to finished product:

  • The fibres are sustainably produced and come from renewable or recycled sources.
  • Chemicals, dyes and processes have been reviewed and approved. Substances with properties that are harmful to health and the environment, for example, are not approved, wastewater must be treated before it is released and air pollution is to be kept to a minimum. The use of certain chemical groups, such as phthalates and PFAS, is completely prohibited.
  • We demand fair working conditions and wages for the people who produce the textiles. 
  • The finished product must be of good quality, washable and sold in packaging materials approved by Good Environmental Choice.

It is possible to use GOTS certificates as part of the application documentation. For more information, see the Criteria document below. 

Second-hand and Re-designed

Another simple way to achieve concrete environmental benefits is to reuse and repurpose clothing. Reusing garments saves on a large amount of energy, chemicals and water. As part of its drive to make things easier for consumers and stimulate companies, Good Environmental Choice has drawn up requirements for second-hand products.

Good Environmental Choice also has requirements for re-designed products, which are created from reused materials or production waste. If the product is printed or has undergone other forms of treatment, the dyes, chemicals and processes must meet the requirements in the criteria.

Benefits for licensees

A company that chooses to label its products as a Good Environmental Choice has great opportunities to become a pioneer in the market and clearly show that the company cares about both people and the environment. A licensee can demonstrate that, and how, they create tangible environmental benefits and contribute to sustainable consumption, which strengthens their brand and reputation. In addition, companies can show their customers in a transparent and credible way which environmental requirements are being met and which substances are not permitted in processes or end products.

Questions, please contact us

Do you have questions about ecolabelled textiles or are you interested in labelling your product? Don’t hesitate to contact us at Good Environmental Choice. Contact details are listed below.

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