Passenger transport

A journey labelled with Good Environmental Choice has a limited climate impact, has low emissions that are harmful to health and the environment, and contributes to greater consideration for the environment and social values in the production of vehicles and their fuels. The label works to develop sustainable transport.

Can your company offer journeys with low climate impact and low emissions that are harmful to health and the environment? Then the journeys may also be able to meet the environmental requirements that Good Environmental Choice sets for passenger transport. Labelling your transport gives you support in your environmental work and can make it easier to highlight and communicate the environmental benefits you bring.

Some of our environmental requirements for seven different modes of transport

Bike sharing: bicycle production, service and repair, increased average use per bicycle, management of used components, renewable and ecolabelled electricity, and requirements for service vehicles.

Car sharing: climate impact, emission class, fuel, renewable and ecolabelled electricity, cleaning of vehicles, having several users per car per month, availability, and also offering vehicles smaller than cars.

Taxi: ownership of the vehicles, electric, hydrogen or biogas vehicles, fuel requirements, and cleaning.

Coach: emission class, climate impact, fuel requirements, requirements for cleaning and ecolabelled products on board.

Bus: vehicle production, emission class, climate impact, fuel, requirements for cleaning and ecolabelled products on board.

Rail traffic: vehicle production, fuel, energy use, requirements for cleaning and ecolabelled products onboard, plus requirements concerning catering on board.

Ship: potential batteries for electric power, fuel, increasing proportion of renewable fuel, ship-to-shore electricity connection, energy use, emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxides, cleaning, and ecolabelled products on board, plus requirements concerning catering on board.

Ecolabel your personal transport

Below are the documents needed to submit the application. When putting together an application, it is easiest to read the criteria document together with the application document for the relevant mode of transport and Appendix A, for a clearer understanding of how each requirement is verified in the application process and during annual checks.

If a new licence needs to come into force from a certain date, remember to submit the application well ahead of time. The processing time for applications depends on how many modes of transport and fuels are included in the application. It is important that all the requested verifications are attached to the application, that any calculations can be followed and that the responses in the application provide the required information. The fewer supplementary documents that need to be chased, the faster the application can be processed.

Questions, please contact us

Do you have any questions about ecolabelled passenger transport or are you interested in labelling your transport? Don’t hesitate to contact us at Good Environmental Choice. Our contact details are listed below.

Criteria and license terms

Apply to be a licensee

Ready to become a licensee? This is the application process step by step. If you have questions regarding what an application would mean for you, please contact us.

Communicate Good Environmental Choice

As a licensee, you can communicate Good Environmental Choice on products and services but also in your own communication. Read how the logo can be used and how Good Environmental Choice should be expressed in text or in other media. Explain the benefits of the eco label to your customers and partners.

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