It is difficult to keep track of all the ingredients in the most common kinds of cosmetic products. When you wash your hair, shave or apply make-up, there is a risk that you are exposing yourself and the environment to harmful chemical substances. Good Environmental Choice review all the ingredients included in the product to ensure that it is kind to both health and the environment.

The main purpose of our ecolabel is to reduce the use of substances that are harmful to health and the environment. Labelling products with Good Environmental Choice is a clear and credible way to show that a company prioritises products with a low environmental impact and wants to be part of the transition to a sustainable society.

All products covered by the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 can be labelled in accordance with Good Environmental Choice Cosmetics. The products we label must meet our criteria, which include a ban on the use of substances suspected of causing cancer or damaging fertility. In addition, the constituent substances must have low toxicity in the aquatic environment and meet stringent requirements for biodegradability. Strict requirements are also set for endocrine disruptors and sensitizing substances. By setting tough requirements for all ingredients, Good Environmental Choice is helping to phase out chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment and to encourage the use of better alternatives.

Some of our environmental requirements

  • Substances included in the products must have low toxicity in the aquatic environment and meet stringent requirements for biodegradability.
  • Allergy risks are minimised by keeping children’s products completely fragrance-free. For other products, we set strict requirements concerning the use of fragrances, aromatics and plant extracts, for the same reason.
  • Substances suspected of causing cancer or reproductive damage are not permitted.
  • Endocrine disruptors on the SIN list 2.0 and substances included on the SIN list of 08.10.2014 due to their endocrine disrupting properties are not permitted.
  • Highly fluorinated substances (PFAS) and cyclic siloxanes are not permitted.
  • Sensitizing preservatives, such as MIT and CMIT, are not permitted.
  • Pure palm oil and palm kernel oil must be produced organically. Other ingredients based on raw material from the oil palm, so-called derivatives, must be certified in accordance with RSPO Mass Balance or a higher certification level.
  • We require companies with Good Environmental Choice labelled products to have an ambition to increase the proportion of renewable raw materials in the product and thus reduce its climate footprint.
  • Through our label, we also set requirements for product packaging, in order to minimise the environmental impact and promote efficient use of resources.

List of approved ingredients

As soon as a slightly larger number of ingredients have been approved according to the Criteria (2018:1), Good Environmental Choice will publish a list of them here on the page. The list will then be updated on an ongoing basis as new ingredients are approved.

Approval of a single ingredient

It is also possible to apply for approval of a single ingredient to be used in Bra Miljöval labelled products. For example, you may apply in advance for several perfumes, which facilitates the assessment procedure when you decide to change the perfume in your product to another.

In order for an assessment to be made you need to fill out "Form for assessing a Perfume or aroma" for perfumes or aromas and "Form for assessing an ingredient" for all other ingredients.

The fee for assessment of an ingredient is 5 000 SEK.

Questions, please contact us

Do you have any questions about ecolabelling cosmetics or are you interested in labelling your product? Don’t hesitate to contact any of us at Good Environmental Choice. Our contact details are listed below.

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Apply to be a licensee

Ready to become a licensee? This is the application process step by step. If you have questions regarding what an application would mean for you, please contact us.

Communicate Good Environmental Choice

As a licensee, you can communicate Good Environmental Choice on products and services but also in your own communication. Read how the logo can be used and how Good Environmental Choice should be expressed in text or in other media. Explain the benefits of the eco label to your customers and partners.

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About Good Environmental Choice

Good Environmental Choice is an independent eco-label with tough environmental requirements that is constantly evolving.

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