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An environmental label for goods transport that meets stringent requirements in terms of energy efficiency and emissions that are harmful to health and the environment, and has a low climate impact. For transport of light goods, see the labelling area Courier transport.

Why label goods transport with Good Environmental Choice?

Good Environmental Choice labelling of goods transport has been developed to drive progress towards a sustainable society. The requirements for renewable energy and emissions to air are consistently weighed up against the benefits of the transport. The aim of ecolabelling goods transport is to accelerate the development of more environmentally and resource-efficient transport, reduce harmful emissions from transport and speed up the transition to renewable fuels.

Ecolabel your goods transport

With the help of Good Environmental Choice, you can communicate the environmental performance of goods transport in a simple and credible way and make it easier for customers to make the best choice from an environmental perspective. The label is the only one in Sweden that is run by a non-profit environmental organisation.

What goods transport can be ecolabelled?

In simple terms, today Good Environmental Choice labelled goods transport is carried out by trains that are at least 30% powered by electricity labelled with Good Environmental Choice. But it is possible to meet the requirements even with lorries that run on a high proportion of renewable fuels and have low emissions of substances that are harmful to health and the environment. An inspection is carried out every year to ensure that the requirements are met. 

Our environmental requirements in brief

  • Max 0.1 kWh non-renewable energy per tonne-km
  • Max 0.2 g NOx+SOx per tonne-km
  • Max 0.01 g NMHC per tonne-km
  • At least 30% of electric vehicles must be powered by electricity labelled with Good Environmental Choice.

For detailed environmental requirements and how calculations are to be performed, see Criteria for goods transport 2005:3.

The criteria have been in place since 2005 and previously comprised all types of goods transportation. Since 2016, there have been separate criteria for courier transport/light goods transport. A revision of the criteria for goods transport will begin in 2022.

Please get in touch if you have any questions

Do you have any questions about ecolabelled goods transport or are you interested in labelling your goods transport? Don’t hesitate to contact us at Good Environmental Choice. Our contact details are listed below.

Apply to be a licensee

Ready to become a licensee? This is the application process step by step. If you have questions regarding what an application would mean for you, please contact us.

Communicate Good Environmental Choice

As a licensee, you can communicate Good Environmental Choice on products and services but also in your own communication. Read how the logo can be used and how Good Environmental Choice should be expressed in text or in other media. Explain the benefits of the eco label to your customers and partners.

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About Good Environmental Choice

Good Environmental Choice is an independent eco-label with tough environmental requirements that is constantly evolving.

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