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Good Environmental Choice Grocery Shop sets high standards and is a label for pioneering stores that want to lead the way. Ecolabelled shops can demonstrate that an independent party has reviewed their environmental work. Together we can make a difference.

Many people want to shop sustainably and nine out of ten people are aware of the Good Environmental Choice label. Being labelled with an independent ecolabel contributes to a sustainable future and makes it easy to showcase the store’s environmental work.

In order to meet the climate challenge and protect the natural world, we all need to work for a sustainable society. Good Environmental Choice Grocery Shop is a tool for stores and consumers who want to make sustainable choices. More than 200 shops are already labelled.

Our environmental requirements

The requirements for being labelled relate both to the range that the customer encounters on the shelves and to the operation of the store. A store that carries the Good Environmental Choice label:

  • has a wide range of ecolabelled and organic products that are easy for the customer to find.
  • does not sell products with a particularly negative environmental impact, such as fish that have been given a red light in WWF’s seafood guide.
  • does not sell skincare products and cosmetics containing PFAS. PFAS are highly persistent substances that are suspected of being endocrine disrupting or otherwise harmful to health.
  • reduces its own environmental impact by using ecolabelled electricity, cutting the amount of unsorted waste and using ecolabelled cleaning products.

Regular inspections

Good Environmental Choice regularly checks that the labelled stores meet the requirements. Our checks consists of on-site visits to the shop, reviews of documents and random inspections.


When applying for the ecolabel, the store pays an application fee based on the size of their turnover. Labelled stores pay an annual licence fee of 0.058 per thousand of turnover, excluding VAT.

Questions, please contact us

In order to increase the environmental benefit of the label, we want to reach more licensees. Please contact us if you would like to know more about ecolabelling grocery stores. Our contact details are listed below.

Apply to be a licensee

Ready to become a licensee? This is the application process step by step. If you have questions regarding what an application would mean for you, please contact us.

Communicate Good Environmental Choice

As a licensee, you can communicate Good Environmental Choice on products and services but also in your own communication. Read how the logo can be used and how Good Environmental Choice should be expressed in text or in other media. Explain the benefits of the eco label to your customers and partners.

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About Good Environmental Choice

Good Environmental Choice is an independent eco-label with tough environmental requirements that is constantly evolving.

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